About us

 Zimal Homes is a luxury home builder that believes there is more to building a quality home than what you can see. We believe that homes can be built environmentally responsibly without sacrificing any of the quality or amenities that are expected when purchasing a truly exceptional luxury home. 

Zimal's in-home resource teams are able to take your ideas in combination with their years of experience to produce those original concepts that are environmentally conscious, often never before seen, and to the highest quality. 

Zimal Homes is Building Beyond Luxury.




Whether you currently own or are thinking of buying, we know what you can do with your home or business. Our outlook and advice is investment oriented to help you stretch the value of your dollar.




We work with you, your architect or designer, and your decorator to realize your dreams. Or, we can assume responsibility for the design completely by rolling design services into our contract with our own design resources. Either way, we provide construction reviews and sub-contractor and vendor pricing during design to ensure that what gets drawn gets built.




Most projects hit their first serious snag when drawings go for reviews and approvals. We are experts at anticipating the city's hot points and we know how to avoid conflict with the buildings department. We also coordinate closely in the early stages—before design is complete—with building boards and management to ensure that their concerns and needs are met. In this way we avoid approval-driven revisions and delays.




Zimal Contracting controls all of its demolition, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, flooring, cabinet and fixture-work, and exterior deck work and landscaping. And when we say control, we mean daily on-site presence by either the company's principals, its quality executive, or its project managers. We have no bureaucracy and no problem making the fast decisions that keep

a project out of trouble.




Not surprisingly, the features of a property have an impact on the design of a home.  When you’re building your own home, you’ve got specific ideas in mind. Whether you’re building your dream home or buying and flipping, we can help you find the perfect property to suit your needs.